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ProJuice International is proud to provide the very best tailored service for our clients.  We have the knowledge and equipment to offer a fully customised solution to your cold press needs. Whether you are starting to work on your juice cleanse startup, or are already an established cold pressed juice company, we will provide you with the very best commercial and industrial Cold Press juicers for your project.
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Cold Press Juices – More than just a Trend

Cold pressed juice has been firmly established as the future of juicing.  Proven to contain more vitamins and minerals compared to other types of juice, cold pressed juice has grown in popularity in recent years.  In the USA cold pressed juice has attracted the attention of some of the large beverage companies, but there are still many small cold pressed juice cleanse and detox startups popping up all over, and we are happy to support the whole cold pressed juice industry!

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Cold Pressed Juice is revolutionary

Cold Press juicers work in a completely different manner to traditional centrifugal juice machines.  Using a special cold blade shredder to chop the fruits and vegetables into fine pieces, the press then uses thousands of kilograms of force to gently squeeze the juice out.  Cold pressed juice is totally raw and delivers all the vitamins and nutrients that raw juice should!
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New opportunities for your business

Consumers are more discerning about their juice now, and centrifugal and pasteurised juice is becoming less and less popular as consumer see the benefits of cold pressed juice.  With an increased shelf life and higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients, cold pressed juice offers the best juice available on the market today.

Nutrition and health facts from our cold pressed juicing blog

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